Raising The Bar, the championing back bone of Malaysian hip-hop, approached HURI to work on their second annual Raising The Bar Festival in January 2016. For 3 months we conceptualize, design and produce the festival's online and offline branding, marketing and event collateral. As their official creative partner, we were thankful to be given the creative freedom and humbled to join their journey to keep Asian hip-hop 💯
L: Early logo drafts (top) and final logo (below)   R: Early poster draft. A play on the tagline “The Rise of Asian Hip-Hop” with a rice (rise) monster representing Asian hip-hop raising the (chocolate) bar.
'Alpha Cat' sketch
Festival poster
Banner with sponsors and partners' logos
Pre-festival nationwide tour posters
Ticketing info and set times
Tickets, wristbands, show tags, etc.
RTB Fest 2016 highlights video by Tapau TV
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