Winner Best Screenplay 2010 BMW Shorties Awards
Official Selection Metropolitan College of New York 2012 Short Film Festival
Official Selection Ecopalooza 2012 Eco Art & Music Festival
Official Selection Kota Kinabalu 2012 International Film Festival
Official Selection Filemmakers Anonymous 2013 #FA19 (read interview at
The story starts with two friends, showing them going out for what appears to be a normal dinner outing. A seemingly innocent little spill becomes a catalyst, putting forth into motion a series of nonsensical, irrational and flummoxing events by the two friends. In what seems to be a fiercely competitive streak between the two; in which they try to one-up each other at every turn, the story progresses while unfolding their apparent rivalry - revealing it for what it truly is.
Written by Faiz Meon
Cinematography by Fairuz Ismail
Directed & Edited by Zam Nayan
Produced by Cjurdjur Iuodangs
Original story by Potet Jacotet
More info at
© 2010 Cjurdjur Iuodangs
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