AirAsia Projects
2009 - 2010
Selected ideas, prototypes and final products with packaging and promotional collaterals.
Oakland Raiders X-cellence A340 Model Plane Packaging
Oakland Raiders T-Shirt
AT&T Williams Exclusive
Lat AirAsia Exclusive
Truly ASEAN Limited Edition Artbox
Destination T-shirt Series
Junior Jet Meal packaging
Junior Jet Club proposal
Junior Jet Club A320 Livery
JJC Member T-shirt
JJC Colouring Pencil
JJC Destination Pins
JJC Member Badge
JJC Event truss
JJC Meal ad
JJC Merchandise ad
JJC Puzzle Plane
JJC Kids T-shirt
JJC Membership Card
JJC Activity Book
JJC Destination Postcard
JJC Pilot Cap
JJC X-mas T-shirt
Zoo Negara Orangutan week mock cheque
© 2011 AirAsia Bhd.
(All work done during tenure with AirAsia Bhd from 2009 till 2011.)

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